Principles of Wellbeing

This describes each of the principles of mental wellbeing. It is worthwhile reading and understanding these principles before completing the My Profile template.

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My Profile

Use this document to consider each area of your wellbeing and give each a score from 0 to 10 where 10 is the best you can be. Join the dots and this is your profile shape.

Then choose the three areas that you most wish to concentrate on as an area for improvement. For each area make a commitment to yourself. For example: “I commit to myself that I will work daily on improving my sense of self worth.” 

These three areas can then be taken forward to the designing stages.

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Brainstorm & Debunk

Use this document to brainstorm all the possible ways you can accomplish each of the items you highlighted in My Profile. You will also debunk what you think may get in the way.

First each highlighted item, put a How might I statement in the lightbulb. E.g. How might I Improve my sense of self-worth .

Now brainstorm all the ways you might achieve that goal.

Next, write down what might be stopping you doing any of these things. E.g. I’m too boring to get new friends. Now debunk all of these stoppers, what is the proof?

Finally, highlight the things you would like to happen for you. These will then form part of your Daily Dialogue.

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Use this document to think about the person you would most like to become. The core virtues you choose are those which you would most like to epitomise and most like to be remembered by.

First, consider each virtue in turn and give it a score from 1-10. Be honest and truthful to yourself, there’s no point in striving for being courageous if that’s not really your true self. Your gut will tell you what is right or wrong, so trust in it.

Once you have scored each virtue, highlight the three to five virtues you will strive to become. These are the things that most people will say about you and speak about in your eulogy.

These three to five virtues will then form part of your Daily Dialogue.

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Daily Dialogue

This is where the rubber hits the road and you make daily steps to reprogramming your mind to become the person you want to be and achieve the things you want to achieve. 

 The first step is to create an introductory statement that is right for you. This statement sets the scene for opening your mind to all of the possibilities that you will list underneath. An example statement is “I am grateful for all of the positive experiences and opportunities that will come into my life, including…”

Next, take each of your highlighted virtues and things you would like to happen for you. For each of these write a statement that expresses the desired outcome as if you already have it. E.g. “Being honourable, generous and joyful”. Or “Able to draw stunning portraits of people”.

Keep this list to hand and use it every day to remind yourself of who you are becoming. It is more powerful if you actually hand write this list each and every day in a journal.

Finally, this is not set in stone. Your are free to change and revise this whenever you wish. It is all part of the process.

Download Daily Dialogue template

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Life Calendar

The Life Calendar serves as a visual reminder of our limited time on this earth, and in-particular how much time we probably have left.

Each white box represents one week in your life. colour in all the weeks you have currently lived and mark off each week as it passes. This gives you a constant reminder of life passing. Use this as an encouragement to set life goals and actually do them!

Depending on the country you live, the average life expectancy is ~80 years. The years from 65 onwards are the ‘golden’ years. In this period you will likely be slower, more frail and less able to do certain things like hiking the Camino de Santiago.

It’s a good idea to print this large and stick it on the wall. Then use small sticky notes to place your most important life goals. These are the things you’ll be proud of having done or achieved when you’re on your death bed and looking back on your life.

Download the blank Life Calendar

Get in touch…

I’d love to help your people thrive. Please get in touch.

Get in touch…

I’d love to help your people thrive. Please get in touch.