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About ALAN

Who is alan?

Alan is a serial entrepreneur who’s struggled with his mental health for decades and finally overcame his problems through knowledge and action.

As the founder of Akimbo, a mental health startup, Alan is on a mission to help mental wellbeing for millions of people around the globe.

And as someone who is fiercely committed to mental wellness and suicide prevention, Alan is working with organisations to help their people gaining the know-how and tools to improve their mental wellbeing and work together more smoothly.

Why hire alan?

If you are looking for a speaker who can address the mental health in an engaging way that leaves a lasting impact, then you have come to the right place.

Alan delivers workplace talks which are fun, moving, transformational, and leave people feeling ready to make positive change both at home and at work. 

Alan’s talks are from the heart and provide people with easy to implement know-how and tools that can be put into practice by anyone.

5 things

Here are Five things about Alan and his experience that might surprise you – while serving your desired outcomes:

  •  Alan’s presentations are highly visual and practically devoid of words. Alan uses imagery to re-enforce his story and messages. 

  • Below the exterior, Alan has a wicked sense of humour and has a repertoire of some of the worst jokes on the planet. 

  • Alan has two Sak Yant tattoos by Ajarn Buddhist monks.

  • Alan loves woodfired pizza and built his own brick pizza oven.

  • Alan likes to go on long solitary bike rides and finds he gets some of his best ideas while pushing the peddles.